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NATS Partnership

We are thrilled to be connected with the National Association of Teachers of Singing, which is championing this project through generous website hosting support. We extend our gratitude to NATS and its members for helping LSP live in perpetuity.


We are proud to feature an ever-growing list of composers who may self-curate the information that appears in Living Song Project. Search here for living composers who are writing American art songs and vocal chamber music. Discover the diversity and richness that exists within.

Text Authors

Composers collaborate with poets and interact with the written word. Search here to find authors associated with our composers, who set both poetry and prose texts in a variety of languages. Dive into relationships that are both contemporaneous and stretching across the centuries.

Song Cycles & Collections

If what you are looking for is a song cycle, you can find it here. You can also find collections of songs, as organized by our composers. Once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll be able to narrow your search by a myriad of things like range, duration, poet, composer, and geographical details, to name just a few.


Start here to explore the vast amount of art song repertoire contained in the database. Some are contained in song cycles, some are parts of organized collections, and some are individual songs, all as laid out by our composers.

Chamber Music

Search for songs and cycles for voice or voices with an instrument (other than piano), or a number of instruments, here. We have included only works that do not require a conductor. This exciting body of repertoire is yours to investigate as you ponder the possibilities.

About the Project

No where else can a user browse or search these genres so thoroughly and in such a variety of ways – it is possible to search songs, song cycles, and collections with texts by a single poet or composer, by keyword, composition date, composer’s birth date, and many other parameters. You may find exactly what you’re looking for (for example, a song cycle, under 10 minutes, for soprano, with text by Emily Dickinson, written after 1970) or discover something completely unexpected! In fact, it is the unexpected we hope you will find, and in doing so help make known the work of the vast number of living American composers whose work is simply spectacular.

Made possible by funding from the University of Oklahoma Research Council, Texas Tech University, the University of Cincinnati Office of Research, and a large number of individual donors from around the United States who gave generously through the University of Oklahoma Foundation, we intend for Living Song Project to be a robust and lasting resource. It is our goal to promote the art song and vocal chamber music compositions of living composers by making their works immediately discoverable and accessible. Your feedback is critical to meeting this goal, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you have a comment or suggestion.